At Walnut Hill Properties, we buy and sell homes in the Philadelphia area. Founded by Clint Files, our real estate investment company can help get you cash for your home if you need to sell quickly, or we can help you find the perfect rental property if you’re a real estate investor.

Clint Files - Walnut Hill Properties

When you need to sell your house fast for cash, our acquisitions team will make you a no-obligation offer. When you sell to us, you do not need to pay Realtor fees or money to fix up your home to show it to potential buyers. If it meets our criteria, we buy it as-is, so you can move on with your life quickly. We can also help you find a home among our impressive inventory of houses whether you are looking to live in it yourself or plan to rent it out so we can meet your investment needs.

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When you rent to own one of our properties, it is similar to simply leasing it except that you have the option to buy after a set amount of time. The lease portion is a standard rental agreement that stipulates how much rent you pay us each month, what your deposit is and any other conditions typically laid out in a rental agreement. The option to buy the property from us usually kicks in about 3 years into the lease.

Choosing to rent to own a home from us can be helpful if you need time to build your credit, or save up for a down payment to buy. This improves your ability to qualify for a mortgage on the property. Typically, most people who agree to rent to own from us end up getting a mortgage and buying the property before the option period expires. With the option of rent to own, We can help start you on the path to buying your dream home.

Yes, you can still get you and your family into a rent-to-own home even if you have bad credit. At Walnut Hill Properties, we realize that everyone’s circumstances are different, and many of us have made mistakes in the past.

Having bad credit is what makes rent to own such an alluring proposition for those who wish to become Philadelphia home buyers. You simply rent the house with the option to buy, and this gives you time to repair your credit in order to qualify for a mortgage, and purchase it before the option-to-buy period expires.

If you are looking to sell your house fast for cash, you have definitely come to the right place. It’s important to remember, however, that we are property investors in the Philadelphia area. This means we need to get a low enough price for homes in order to be able to resell them at a profit. Most of the people we deal with are not looking to make a killing from the sale of their home. It is the speed at which we close deals and get cash in your hands that makes our no-obligation offer on your home so appealing.

Dealing with us is also much simpler than listing your home on the market. Although you’ll get a lower price from us, you also won’t have to sink money into fixing up the property, paying Realtor fees and a myriad of other expenses to sell it by the traditional route. When you consider all these factors, we will make you a fair offer for your home that has no obligation, so it doesn’t hurt to find out what we’d be willing to give you for it.

Get a fair cash offer for your Philadelphia area home!