As a home owner trying to sell your house, you have the options of selling it yourself or through a Realtor to a buyer intending to live in the house or selling it to a real estate investor. Selling it through a Realtor may seem more appealing because you have the combination of the their expertise and the fact of taking your time to list and show your home to many people in order to get the best price you can for it. That said, there are costs to holding on to a home while you take perhaps many months selling it to someone for your desired price as opposed to unloading it quickly as-is to an investor.

Costs of Holding on to a Home

While you still have your house, you have to continue making mortgage payments. You also have to keep paying insurance and any property taxes while you have it listed and are waiting to get your desired price for it.

Don’t forget about all the maintenance and upkeep that you still have to handle as long as it’s your property. The lawn and any other landscaping isn’t going to maintain itself, and utilities will have to continue to be paid. Every additional week or month you hold on to it, there’s a chance that the furnace or plumbing or something else might break, and you’ll have to pay to fix it.

Additional Costs of Selling to a Regular Buyer Instead of an Investor

When your goal is to get the best price you can for your home on the market, you incur a lot of additional expenses. This process means having to list it for what may add up to many months and showing it to many people before you get a buyer. This involves plenty of expenses.

Unless you are confident enough to handle a home sale on your home, you will have to face payment of Realtor commissions. Then there are expenses such as staging your home to make it look as good as possible for people coming to look at it as well as painting, carpet cleaning and house cleaning in general. These aforementioned items are at a minimum and assume the home doesn’t have any major repairs needed that would kill any sale if they’re not handled.

How to Avoid Many of the Holding and Selling Costs

Selling your house to a professional home buying investor can cut out a lot of the aforementioned costs and streamline the process. If you are trying to figure out how to sell your house fast in Philadelphia, you may want to consider our services at Walnut Hill Properties. We have a tremendous interest in acquiring Philadelphia investment properties and can help you sell your house fast.

At Walnut Hill Properties, we offer you cash for your home, and we buy it as-is, so you don’t have to go to the expense of fixing it up or making expensive repairs before selling. As professional real estate investors, we get cash in your hand for your home quickly, so you don’t have the traditional carrying costs of holding a home while you have it listed for sale. For a fast sale and fair offer, please contact us at Walnut Hill Properties, so you can sell your house, and move on with your life.