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If you own a home in the Philadelphia area, there may be a number of reasons you might need to sell your house fast. You may need to relocate quickly and don’t have the many months it can take to go the traditional route of listing your home for sale, contracting with a Realtor and then showing it to who knows how many people before you finally get a buyer. Perhaps you just got a job in another city or maybe a divorce is necessitating a quick division of assets. Whatever your reason, you just know you need to unload your house quickly.


The Problem With Putting Your House on the Market

You may be thinking that you have to put your house on the market and show it to a bunch of potential buyers before you finally sell it. This process can take time. What’s worse, even when you think you have a buyer, their financing might end up falling through at the very last minute. You’ll also have to pay a Realtor their fee unless you want to go the “for sale by owner” route, which can take even longer if you’ve never sold a home before and don’t know what you’re doing.

When you need to sell your house fast, it’s important that you know about the option of property investment companies that buy houses for cash. At Walnut Hill Properties, when we buy houses in Philadelphia, we pay cash, so you don’t need to worry about a traditional buyer having any financing that might fall through at the last minute. With our office conveniently located in Philadelphia, you can sell us your house for cash whether you live in Port Richmond, Francisville, Pennsport, Whitman, University City or any other town or suburb in the Philadelphia area.

The Ideal Solution When You Need to Sell Your House Quickly

At Walnut Hill Properties, we buy and sell homes in the Philadelphia area. When you need to sell your house quickly, we will buy it as-is. This means you don’t need to spend huge sums fixing up a home in poor shape in order to sell it. We are the ultimate Philadelphia home buyers when you need to sell your home fast. We have a simple and straight forward process. You tell us about your property, and we review the information you give us and use it to come up with an offer. We then present you with our offer, which comes with no obligation, so there’s no reason not to see what we’re willing to pay you for your home.

When we buy houses in Philadelphia, you have no worries about getting your cash from the sale quickly. This can actually happen in as little as 7 to 14 days after the closing. As a real estate investment company, we do have to be able to turn around your home to another buyer at a profit, so don’t expect to receive full market value for it. That said, if you need to sell quickly, you would have to price your home very low in order to sell your house fast in the traditional way. When you add in all the Realtor fees, home improvement expenses, advertising costs and other expenses, you will find that we are a simple solution to help you get a fair price for your home, so you can unload an unwanted property and get on with your life. Please contact us to receive your free, no-obligation quote today.


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